Volkswagen Jetta – coming soon

VW Jetta - coming soon

Volkswagen US is preparing for a live online launch of the all new Jetta. In real terms this car is simply a Golf sedan. However, while the two cars will share many components, this new Jetta shapes to be Volkswagen’s best attempt in recent years at making a clear difference between the two models.

Back in January the svelte and classy looking New Compact Coupé was released by Volkswagen at the Detroit Auto Show and it is expected this will be the inspiration for the new Jetta. Indeed, US-based Kilometer magazine were quick to prepare a four-door rendering of the NCC, and, it still looks quite sharp with the extra doors thrown in.

The unveiling of the Jetta is scheduled for 11:25am Eastern time (US) Tuesday 15 June. If my calculations are correct that should be 1:25am on Wednesday 16 June on Australia’s eastern seaboard.

[Source: The German Car Blog]

Volkswagen Jetta VI sedan rendering

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Please build it as a liftback/sportsback whatever!!!???

Thats one sweet looking car and a worthy replacement for the Octy RS provided you are able to take full advantage of the boot space without the 60cm boot opening.

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