New Volkswagen Jetta images revealed

New Volkswagen Jetta

Images of the new Volkswagen Jetta have appeared on the Auto Express website ahead of the official launch. Previous versions of the Jetta (also known as the Bora during the late 90s-early 2000s) have been Golfs with a boot somewhat crudely stuck on the back. This new model, though, as you can see, has been given a bit more loving from the Volkswagen design department.

The Jetta has been heavily inspired by the New Compact Coupé, which is a good thing, because that show car revealed in Detroit earlier this year is a fine looking motor car. Overall, the length of the new design has increased by 90mm which affords greater interior room, but also allows the exterior design to be a more cohesive result.

Economical engine choices are the order of the day, at initial launch anyway. A frugal 1.2 litre petrol engine kicks off the range and is joined by two more petrol units, as well as two diesel engines.

With any luck the chums down at Volkswagen R GmbH might have a bit of a fiddle about the Volkswagen Group parts bin. I think most readers here have the required imagination to start thinking Haldex IV all-wheel drive, coupled with over 250 of Volkswagen finest horsepowers.

Official details of the Jetta will be posted as they come to hand.

[Source: Auto Express]

New Volkswagen Jetta

New Volkswagen Jetta

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Jeez… I hope the press release shows some more inspiring angles. Something got very lost in translation between this and the NCC, and it isn’t the extra doors. The front certainly needs some work, which I hope any R version would fix.

They must be chasing hard for that Camry market, but I’m not sure people buy Camrys simply because they look dull.

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