New VW Jetta Estate rendering

VW Jetta wagon

Earlier this year Volkswagen Australia launched a new Golf wagon model. It’s the first time such a variation of the familiar Golf platform had been offered down under. And, well, it looks a bit of an afterthought. Clearly not one of VW’s greatest triumphs in automotive design.

This new rendering from Car and Driver, then, gives new hope to those who like a bit more practicality in the Golf-sized segment. They reckon this is what a new Jetta wagon might look like. Or, more to the point, it’s probably what the next Golf wagon will look like. The article states the next “SportWagen” will remain based on the Golf VI chassis. Remember, the Jetta is now an independent model line.

Whatever the underskin origins of this new Estate car, one thing is certain, it is shaping as being a vast improvement over its predecessor.

[Source: Car and Driver]

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I saw a wagon almost identical to this last summer in Prague…same color too. I nearly broke my neck as I saw it whiz by. I later saw it parked along the curb a few blocks away–probably the most perfectly fashioned small wagon I’d ever seen. It had a Skoda nameplate on it, which I later found out is owned by Volkswagen, but is not sold in the US. I took several pictures of it but have seen nothing quite like it on the US market. So if this is what the next Golf/Jetta wagon will look like, I’m willing to wait for it. But I’m wondering…how long will my wait be?

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