BMW 1M Coupé to debut at US Oktoberfest show in August?

BMW 1 Series M Coupé

The BMW Car Club of America have posted a teaser on their forums which all but declares the 1 Series M Coupé will be revealed at their annual Oktoberfest show. Curiously this event is due to be held, not in October at all, but quite soon; from 23-29 August.

The forum post, added by the BMW CCA magazine editor is titled “Mystery car to tease members at Oktoberfest”. The text reads, in part, “Now there’s another fast, nimble ride warming up in the BMW wings. This car, too, was spawned by enthusiasts’ cries for what they wanted: a fast, light, nimble car. BMW’s solution: the—

“Wait! Wait! We can’t tell you!

“What’s beneath the wrapping? Here’s a hint: One of the guests in attendance is Dr. Kay Segler. You may remember when he was the BMW Group’s brand manager for Mini. But these days he holds a different position: He’s head of BMW M GmbH.”

Follow the source link below for the full text. If you’d just like to find out more about this Oktoberfest show check out the teaser video below, or take a look at the Oktoberfest website.

Of course, Dr Segler is also the bloke that told us via YouTube that the 1 Series M Coupé will give us all goose pimples. Take the jump for an encore viewing of Segler’s best work.


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This Dr. Kay Segler sounded like a wanker to me. He should just stick with engineering rather than marketing.

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