BMW X1 v MINI Countryman

BMX X1 v MINI Countryman

Back in January we showed how the new MINI Countryman compared against its regular Coupé sibling. Now, with thanks to Auto Motor und Sport, we can see how the Countryman stacks up alongside the BMW X1.

When you look at the image above the size of the two cars looks remarkably close. But how much of that is affected by the Countryman taking the foreground position, with the X1 behind? Take a look at the image after the jump and you’ll see that, indeed, Countryman and X1 are very close in size after all.

If you can read German, follow the link below and you’ll also get an idea as to how the cars compare on and off the road.

[Source: Auto Motor und Sport]

BMX X1 v MINI Countryman

6 replies on “BMW X1 v MINI Countryman”

yeah, i’ve seen 2 X1s so far…
just looked like a slightly bigger hatch.
The bonnet is so looooong.

The size of the MINI is doing things to my head. but I’m really liking the X1 – best looking SUV by a mile

Anyone read German? What is the conclusion? X1 just looks too normal for me. The Countryman is more my style with all the weird stuff vie had lol.

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