BMW M5 prototype filmed during Nürburgring testing

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BMW F10 M5 prototype

Fresh video of an F10-based BMW M5 being thrashed around the Nürburgring has emerged. The new M5 will ditch the delightful old V10 in favour of a twin turbo 4.4 litre bent eight. A V8 from Munich should sound good, right? Well, not yet it doesn’t. Not in this test mule anyway.

It’s expected we’ll get to see an M5 concept at the Geneva Motor Show in March next year, before the production-ready version makes its first public appearance at the Frankfurt show about 12 months from now.

There’s two clips after the jump, the first released in the last day or so, the second from back in April, which also features an M3 GTS. Now that’s what a German V8 should sound like!

[Source: 5post | Thanks to Richard & John for the tips]