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Jordan team orders, Spa 1998

Throughout the 2010 Formula One season the subject of team orders has been an ongoing discussion point. Mostly due to the Vettel–Webber crash in Turkey and the Massa–Alonso passive overtake in Germany. Of course, the debate over team orders has been rife going into this weekend’s final race at Abu Dhabi, as well. Commentators the world over have been trying to establish if it is a masterstroke that Red Bull Racing have two guys in with a chance of winning the world crown, or if they’re stark raving mad for not having their drivers work together to lock away the Drivers’ title a race or two ago.

While that debate rages, most seem to have missed the fact that Vettel has all but guaranteed he will assist Webber to win the World Championship, if there is no other option to prevent Ferrari and Alonso from stealing the ultimate success from the Red Bull team.

Such controversies have encouraged numerous critics of the ban team orders to come forward. Former team owner and regular BBC pundit Eddie Jordan reckons the ban on team orders is “a nonsense“.

So, then, enjoy two F1-related videos after the break which cover well-known incidents of drivers being forced by their paymasters to act against their will, including a clear case of Jordan putting his money where his mouth is.

[via motorcentral]