Looks like Audi is making a more powerful TT RS “Plus”

Audi TT RS

Word via WorldCarFans suggests Audi has a more powerful TT RS in the works, called the TT RS Plus. Currently the 2.5 litre inline five turbo in the regular TT RS produces 250kW (340PS). According to a screen grab from an Audi parts catalogue (see below) the TT RS Plus, still with a 2.5 litre five cylinder engine, will produce 265kW (360PS). Further information reveals the TT RS Plus will start production in May this year.

It’s possible that Audi may also shed some weight from the TT RS Plus, as it did with the R8 GT. We can only hope that speculation proves correct.

Nothing official from Audi just yet, but when we know more we’ll let you know.

[Source: WorldCarFans | Screen grab:]

ETKA screen grab

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This is standard practice. They keep the fire stoked by adding small increments of power , reduce weight, it won’t disappoint current owners, however might entice new ones.
I think they call it marketing.

Cat, I think you have been living in the Porsche world too long now. That is pure Porsche talk. Lol

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