The Beetle R already on the cards

Volkswagen The Beetle

It was only released overnight, but already the speculation of a high-powered R version of The Beetle is doing the rounds. So much so, that Car and Driver in the US is reporting that The Beetle R has already been confirmed for the US market.

Apparently, The Beetle R will remain front-wheel drive only. That means, in basic terms, then, we can expect R GmbH to grab a 195kW Scirocco R and reskin it with Beetle clothing. That should go alright.

[Source: Car and Driver]

2 replies on “The Beetle R already on the cards”

Beetle R, what’s the point? perhaps VW engineers wanted to see how fast they could produce a beetle before the sunflower pops out of the dash holder.

I’ve been digesting the pics of the beetle for a day or so, and strangely I think I like it!

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