Mark Webber’s career path to Formula One

Mark Webber's career path

A few days ago Mark Webber used his twitter account to share a fascinating insight into his formative years. It was created back in 1995 and showed a three-pronged pathway to reach Formula One. The plan showed Webber could achieve his ultimate goal by basing himself in Asia, Europe or the United States. History tells us that Webber took the conventional European approach and that he did indeed reach his aim for an F1 career, albeit one year later than planned.

In the spirit of Webber’s “Aussie Grit” we’ve dug up a couple of YouTube clips featuring two of Mark’s standout F1 highlights. The first is from his debut race at the 2002 Australian Grand Prix, the second shows Webber talking us through the final lap of his maiden victory at the 2009 German Grand Prix.