BMW UK opens eBay store

BMW UK eBay store

BMW UK has taken the interesting step of forming an official partnership with eBay. The move will allow owners to purchase original parts direct from BMW without needing to visit a dealer. At this stage, BMW Australia has no plans  to follow suit.

Official manufacturer eBay stores sound like a good idea to us, what do you think?

BMW makes buying easier with new eBay store

09/05/11 – BMW will start selling parts and accessories direct to owners for the first time, thanks to a new partnership with eBay, the leading online retailer. ‘BMW Direct’, now live on, will satisfy the growing demand from motor enthusiasts for purchasing original parts online.

Previously, BMW owners wanting to pick up Genuine Parts have had to place their order via one of the many dealerships. With its new store on eBay, as well as merchandise BMW fans will be able to buy genuine BMW parts and accessories such as brake discs and car care products direct from the carmaker.

This is BMW’s first venture into e-commerce and will allow the carmaker to reach those customers not accustomed to visiting a BMW dealer regularly.

BMW, the first carmaker to open a store on eBay UK, joins over 100 other well-known fashion and home brands already selling new and fixed price goods direct to their customers via eBay’s UK site. Motor parts and accessories is one of the most popular categories among eBay’s 96 million active users worldwide.

All items sold through BMW Direct are offered from stock with free postage and packaging and are covered by a full two year BMW warranty. BMW UK will handle the shop front of BMW Direct with the processing of orders being handled by BMW Park Lane in London.

Carl Sanderson, General Manager Aftersales Development, said: “As a premium car manufacturer, we are always interested in understanding customer preferences when it comes to buying products. We recognise that there are customers who wish to buy BMW products but do not necessarily want to travel to a BMW dealer to make a purchase.

“As such we see eBay as the perfect solution for them. By embracing this modern retailing approach, we believe we can engage with and satisfy a number of additional customers through what is a new retail channel for BMW.”

Angus McCarey, UK Retail Director of eBay, said: “eBay UK is home to over 100 leading brands who realise the added value an eBay shop brings, whether they are already selling online or not. There are over 600,000 searches for BMW every month on eBay and BMW will now be able to access this existing, yet untapped customer base, while increasing its reach to the millions of other consumers who buy and sell on the site.”

To see what is on offer at BMW Direct visit

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Yeah I don’t understand it. Sure BMW should have an online store that sells original parts, but the partnership with eBay. Why? Surely BMW have the IT know how to create their own store, rather than using eBay’s platform. What are the advantages of being with eBay? I cannot see any.

Cause ebay is the most used online store… so its the exposure that it gives i am guessing.

But all they had to do it create and tadarh…. noobs!!

A+++++++ seller. Will use again?? Unless it’s chinese copy stuff 🙂

(many brand/companies) have eBay store/presence. It’s another market and brand position.

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