Quick reference guide to BMW model codes

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BMW 1 Series hatch (F20)

With the introduction of the new 5 Series and 1 Series model lines from BMW we’re seeing more examples of their new codename structure. Gone are the familiar model codes with an E prefix and in are codes starting with F.

The new 5er carries an F10 codename, while the new 1er is known as the F20. Although, it was the F01 7 Series that was the first to wear Fxx coding back in 2008.

BMW codenames aren’t the easiest things to remember at the best of times, so after the break there’s a full list of what we have seen and what we know is coming. It will be a very handy reference for the future, so make sure you file this entry away somewhere handy.

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BMW F codenames

F01 5th-gen 7-series, 2008-
F02 5th-gen 7-series LWB, 2008-
F03 5th-gen 7-series armoured, 2008-
F10 6th-gen 5-series saloon, 2010-
F11 6th-gen 5-series Touring, 2010-
F12 3rd-gen 6-series coupé, 2011-
F13 3rd-gen 6-series convertible, 2011-
F15 3rd-gen X5 replacement, 2014-
F16 2nd-gen X6 replacement, 2014-
F20 2nd-gen 1-series three-door, 2011-
F21 2nd-gen 1-series five-door, 2011
F22 2nd-gen 1-series coupe (badged 2-series), 2013-
F23 2nd-gen 1-series cabriolet (badged 2-series), 2014-
F25 2nd-gen X3, 2011-
F30 6th-gen 3-series saloon, 2011-
F31 6th-gen 3-series Touring, 2012-
F32 3-series coupe replacement (badged 4-series), 2013-
F33 3-series convertible replacement (badged 4-series), 2014-
F34 3-series Gran Turismo, 2013-
F35 4-series four-door coupe, 2015-
F44 1-series Gran Turismo, 2014-
F45 1-series Touring, 2014-
F46 1-series City, 2015-
F80 M3 sedan, 2013-
F82 M4 coupe, 2013-
F83 M4 convertible, 2013-

BMW E codenames

E3 2500/2800 saloons, 1968-1977
E9 2000-2800 coupés, 1968-1974
E12 1st-gen 5-series, 1975-1981
E21 1st-gen 3-series, 1976-1983
E23 1st-gen 7-series, 1978-1987
E24 1st-gen 6-series, 1977-1989
E25 Turbo concept car, 1972
E26 M1 supercar, 1978-1981
E28 2nd-gen 5-series, 1982-1988
E30 2nd-gen 3-series, 1984-1992
E31 8-series, 1989-1999
E32 2nd-gen 7-series, 1986-1994
E32/2 2nd-gen 7-series LWB, 1987-1994
E34 3rd-gen 5-series, 1989-1995
E36 3rd-gen 3-series, 1992-1999
E36/5 3-series Compact, 1994-2000
E36/7 Z3, M Roadster, M Coupé, 1995-2002
E38 3rd-gen 7-series, 1994-2001
E38/2 3rd-gen 7-series LWB, 1994-2001
E38/3 3rd-gen 7-series armoured, 1998-2001
E39 4th-gen 5-series, 1996-2004
E46 4th-gen 3-series, 1999-2005
E46/5 2nd-gen 3-series Compact, 2001-2004
E52 Z8, 2000-2003
E53 1st-gen X5, 2000-2006
E60 5th-gen 5-series, 2004-2010
E61 5th-gen 5-series Touring, 2004-2010
E63 2nd-gen 6-series, 2003-
E65 4th-gen 7-series, 2001-2008
E66 4th-gen 7-series LWB, 2002-2008
E67 4th-gen 7-series armoured, 2001-2008
E68 4th-gen 7-series hydrogen
E70 2nd-gen X5, 2007-
E82 1st-gen 1-series, 2004-
E83 1st-gen X3, 2003-
E85 1st-gen Z4, 2003-2009
E90 5th-gen 3-series saloon, 2005-
E92 5th-gen 3-series coupé, 2005-