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2011 Indian GP: Take a lap around the Buddh International Circuit

Buddh International Circuit

In less than two weeks from now we will be enjoying the first ever Indian Grand Prix. That means we have a new circuit to learn. The new track is called the Buddh International Circuit, in reference to its location 35-40km from the Delhi CBD.

In April we gave you a preview of the new track, but it’s now worth taking another look. After the break is a preview from Red Bull with Mark Webber doing the talking. Also included is a repeat of Karun Chandok’s preview of his home circuit.

8 replies on “2011 Indian GP: Take a lap around the Buddh International Circuit”

I’ve got to say, it looks like a fascinating circuit with straights, hairpins, switchbacks and a long radius corner. Looking forward to seeing how they go!

Massive. I just hope that the drivers are upto the challenge because it seems like a very fast track and lots of overtaking options. I’m eager to know what kind of times the drivers will be clocking here with the heat and the speed.

Mazo you obviously have never driven on Spa. That is a proper race track. Mickey mouse stop / start tracks like these are not challenging at all and quite boring. Safety has taken the danger and speed out of tracks. Flowing high speed corners are what challenge drivers not stop start rubbish.

F1 has become nothing more than a driver aided homologated controlled garbage of a race series. It is no longer the pinnacle of technology, speed and racing. When you have a soft drink company building the fastest cars that says it all.

What puzzles me is that I regularly visit India and it is probably the poorest nation on earth with the exception of the few who exploit the poor population to become billionaires. Child labour is rife in India. Why do you think when Indians come here to study they never ever go back? You quite often see people dropping their dacks and defecating on any suburban street in the cities. Before my first visit I was told this is common but didn’t believe it. Once I got their saw it for myself. Even the Indian govt pleaded with its citizens to not defecate on the street whilst the Commonwealth games were on. I shit you not.

How do those very few in power justify bring F1 to their country when they can’t address the serious issues of poverty and cleanliness they have over there?

jess u need to calm down !! 50% of the tickets have already been sold out..and u know why f1 came to India,because besides “poor people” it has a millions and millions in the middle class,which spend 60% of GDP every is such a huge booming market that cant b ignored..
And u sound stupid if u think a private organisation earning billions will give it away to poors for thr welfare,thats the job of govt. not private honchos who got this track made..if this is the thinking,Apple and Pepsico shud have helped the “homeless poor” in USA after recession..but world doesnt works like that it seems.

Jess you sound like your in denial.”India is probably the poorest nation on earth” <<LOL. India is the next superpower. Face it. F1 in india was inevitable we have an audience thats probably greater than all of europe combined.

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