Audi TT RS ‘Plus’ draws closer

Audi TT RS

Talk of an Audi TT RS ‘Plus’ emerged a few months back. Now French website L’Automobile is reigniting the charge.

They say the ‘Plus’ will lose 60kg in weight, partly due to the removal of the rear seats. It is also thought power will be boosted to 380PS, up from 350PS in the standard TT RS. Model specific alloys and a revised fixed rear wing are also likely to feature.

Earlier speculation suggested this model would start production in May of this year. That didn’t happen, so it looks as though we’ll have to wait until next year now.

We had a great time when we drove the TT RS and, on paper, the changes outlined in the TT RS ‘Plus’ can only make it an even better package. Hopefully Audi comes out with some firm details soon.

[Source: L’Automobile]

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It may be good Liam but wait for the RRP$. The “standard” RS is what $140k, this new model, if it arrives will inevitably be higher, seems a huge price to pay for a car that is based on a $64k 1.8 litre car. Besides it will have new competition should it move up in price points, R35, Cayman R, M3 and C63 Coupes. Scary and…. Good Luck Audi.

I’d prefer it without a rear seat, it’s not like you’d actually expect to get anyone back there. But the price will kill this thing, I doubt Audi Aus would even bother bringing it here.

It should really be a straight replacement for the current TT-RS

As I noted back in my Drive Thru article, price is always going to be the achilles heel of the TT RS. But if you’re prepared to ignore the price (ie. you just want a TT regardless) then the TT RS is a damn fine machine.

I’d probably get a Cayman S (or R if I could find one), though. Only thing the TT RS would have in its favour is the engine note, which is awesome.

Is price really such a big issue in the $150k market? I’m not so sure. If it has performance at least competitive with the Cayman R, then it will find buyers I suspect. The “based on a $64k 1.8 litre car” is only as relevant to the TT RS as it is to the BMW M3 and the C64 AMG

I had my TT RS tweaked and boy-o-boy it was a different car altogether. That engine is a true masterpiece. The chassis and the “grip” made we want to sleep though. This “Plus” version may just be the ticket.

Prof, the Plus still have less go than your TT RS. You will not like it, unless it is for snow driving. Just too much grip for some fun!

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