I owe you a 6 second car

Andy Frost, Red Victor 3, Santa Pod raceway

Andy Frost. Red Victor. Those names ring a bell? They’re the central characters in the transformation of a 1972 Vauxhall Victor from family car to drag strip phenomenon.

You may recall Fifth Gear did a story on Red Victor 1 back in 2007 (see original story after the break). Back then it made do with a miserly 2200bhp. Now, in its third iteration, Red Victor 3 is pumping out an incredible 3000bhp. All thanks to a twin turbo 8.8 litre V8.

It can get down the quarter mile in under seven seconds. But that’s only one of its party tricks. Red Victor 3 is street legal, so you can also jump and nip down to the shops for two litres of milk if you like.

At the recent Santa Pod Easter Thunderball event Frost sent RV3 into the record books when he recorded a run of 6.999 seconds. That’s the fastest ever time for a street legal car in Europe.

Watch it all unfold after the break.