Inline six cylinder confirmed for F80 BMW M3

BMW F80 M3 prototype

BimmerFile brings word that at least one of the mysteries surrounding the engine in BMW’s new F80 M3 has been solved. According to their discussions with former M GmbH chief Ludwig Willisch the next-gen M3 will use an inline six cylinder engine.

Apparently a V6 motor, closely related to the V8 in the current F10 M5, was tested but deemed to be lacking the character and power delivery befitting an M3.

All that’s left to confirm now is the number of turbos Munich will bolt onto its most important M model. There’ll be at least two, no doubt, but will the tri-turbo technology employed in the diesel-powered M Performance engine—which just happens to be a 3.0 litre straight six—make sense on the petrol-powered M3?

[Source: BimmerFile]

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