Car Care tips: Washing and drying using the two bucket method

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AUSmotive is pleased to welcome the support of Car Care Products. Each month we will feature an instructional how-to video aimed at helping you to keep your car looking immaculate. This month we start with the basics: the two-bucket washing method.

Swirl-marks, spider webs and light scratches are easy to put into your car’s paint surface during the process of washing and drying your car, if incorrect techniques and products are used.

Those light marks that are easy to see in the sun are usually caused by dirt and grit particles being rubbed against the paint surface and actually ‘scratching’ it permanently.

Washing and drying your car safely should be easy if you use quality products and good techniques. The 2 bucket method combined with a microfibre mitt and waffle weave drying towel should virtually eliminate swirls and leave your car looking great.

In addition if your car’s paint is ‘protected’ with a quality sealant or wax then these swirl-marks are harder to put in, mostly because dirt cannot stick to the car as easily and therefore more will rinse off before washing.

A good way to get yourself on the way to a cleaner car is with the Car Care Products Basics Gift Pack, just $64.95 and packed with the essentials you need in a convenient carry case.

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