Toyota 86 GTS gives you wings

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Toyota 86 GTS with aero package

We’re not quite sure if you can make it out, but on the back of that Toyota 86 GTS, if you look very closely, is a rear wing. It’s part of a new factory aero package offered by Toyota dealers, available from today, the official sales launch of the 86 in Australia.

Toyota is asking $3000 for the kit, which also includes a revised front spoiler and side skirts. It’s fancy, too, using words like “dual canards” and “airflow evacuation”. For some reason these add-ons can only be fitted to the high-spec GTS model.

Despite the addition of that, let’s face it, MASSIVE REAR WING, Toyota claim the full aero package reduces drag and increases downforce. Well it would want to do the latter, that’s for sure.

We’re sure there’ll be a lot of 86 fans who think this aero package is the business. But we’re not really sure what else to say.

Toyota 86 GTS with aero package

Toyota 86 GTS with aero package

Toyota offers aero kit for new 86 GTS

Toyota has created a comprehensive aero package for its newly launched 86 GTS sports car.

It is available from today, June 18, in conjunction with the 86 on-sale date.

The package is designed to reduce aerodynamic drag and increase downforce for greater handling stability, while maintaining the vehicle’s wind-cheating 0.27 drag coefficient.

The aero package consists of a new front bumper skirt, side skirts, rear bumper skirt and large rear spoiler.

It is available for $3,000# and is exclusive to the high-grade 86 GTS model (manual and automatic).

The front bumper skirt has vertical fins to control air entering the front grille and dual canards at 12-degree angles to optimise handling stability.

The side skirt design includes a rounded leading edge to assist airflow evacuation from the front wheel housing.

The rear bumper skirt has a profile that projects horizontally, to manage air turbulence from the front and fin and assist in evacuating under-body airflow.

The large rear spoiler features horizontal ‘winglets’ on the uprights, to help generate downforce and optimise handling stability.

The rear spoiler centre section is painted gloss black on all exterior colour offerings.

# Recommended retail prices exclude dealer delivery, government and statutory charges and optional extras.