VIDEO: The definitive Toyota 86 review

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Toyota GT 86 review by Nino Karotta

Nino Karotta, you may not know the name, but after watching his review of the Toyota 86 we reckon you’ll remember it. Actually, we got a glimpse of Karotta’s talents last year when he reviewed the new BMW M5.

This time the review is in English, and for a guy who does not have English as his native tongue, Karotta has a wonderful ability to describe what’s happening behind the wheel.

Then there’s the review itself. It has all the ingredients you could want, starting in Spain and taking in a highly desirable trans-European route on some of the continent’s most scenic and inspiring roads, before finally arriving Nino’s home in Hungary. At which point we are treated to some very tasty track action. There’s a great soundtrack throughout as well, which has been just as expertly edited as the pictures.

We’re not going to call this the best car review we’ve ever seen, but we can’t imagine you’ll watch a finer review of the Toybaru than this. Enjoy!

[Thanks to Phil for the tip]