What the hell is a Porsche Pajun?

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Porsche Pajun

You’re looking at a rendering for the rumoured Porsche Pajun. The what? It’s a baby Panamera which Porsche hopes will give the BMW M5 and its saloon rivals some sleepless nights.

The Pajun is expected to join the Porsche model range in coming years, along with the 960 “Fefi” Ferrari fighter, as the company looks to extend its line up to nine models.

The expansion plans are part of Porsche’s Strategy 2018 in which the company aims to reach 200,000 annual sales. For comparison sake, Porsche sold 117,000 vehicles in 2011.

You’d think the best way for help achieve their goal is with the on-again-off-again entry level 550-inspired roadster. However, that has once again been placed on the back burner by Porsche CEO, Matthias Mueller. “It may take another generation of customers before a small roadster fits in with Porsche,” he said.

[Source: Automotive News | Pics: Auto Bild]

Porsche model line up*

  1. Porsche Boxster
  2. Porsche Cayman
  3. Porsche 911
  4. Porsche Cayenne
  5. Porsche Panamera
  6. Porsche 918 Spyder
  7. Porsche Macan
  8. Porsche 960 “Fefi”
  9. Porsche Pajun

*Models in italics are yet to be officially confirmed.