MINI starts the JCW GP tease

MINI John Cooper Works GP

Following our earlier story about the rumoured increase of MINI JCW GP2s coming to Australia we thought it was worthwhile bringing your attention to MINI’s Facebook competition on the car titled The Source.

After the break we have a total of four videos on the car, the first is a behind the scenes look at how the image above was created. The second is a too short highlights clip confirming MINI’s claim that the GP2 can lap the Nürburgring in 8 minutes 23 seconds. The latter two concentrate on the GP2’s carbon fibre body parts and aerodynamics.

If that takes your fancy then you should follow the source link below for new images and further information.

[Source: Facebook]

5 replies on “MINI starts the JCW GP tease”

Looking forward to the final specs!

That first video is weak sauce though – taking a photo of a still/slow moving car to make it look like it is going fast!

That’s how its done though Dave. Take a look at any car mag and if there’s a pic in a similar style you can bet there was about an hour or two faffing about taking the shot, or shots, and at least the same time post-processing to piece it all together.

Haha really I had no idea!

60K is reasonable though… in MINI speak, of course!

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