VIDEO: BMX bandits chase down Porsche Macan

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Porsche Macan SUV

Okay, we may have been a little bit creative with the headline, but this short video of the Porsche Macan does at least have all the ingedients.

The clip doesn’t give too much away in terms of engine sound or anything like that. However, we do get a pretty good view of the Macan from all angles. It’s no surprise to see again that the Macan will play mini-me to the Cayenne. Although, the rake on the rear window is much more pronounced on the littler SUV.

We won’t be seeing the Macan in any official capacity until next year and reports suggest the entry level model could feature Porsche’s new four cylinder engine.

Meanwhile, Autoblog also updates us with some interior shots of the Macan (see below). They’re not the most crystal clear images you’ve ever seen, but they confirm probably what we all expect. That the look is pretty much standard Porsche fare.

[Source: WCF & Autoblog]

Porsche Macan interior

Porsche Macan interior