WTAC 2012: Warren Luff talks Project Nemo

Warren Luff, Project Nemo, WTAC 2012

In this video Warren Luff talks about his winning 1:25.02 lap record from last weekend’s World Time Attack. Also interviewed is Chris Eaton, owner and builder of the Project Nemo Evo VII.

Eaton reveals the inspiration for finding Nemo was the hope that his son could one day drive his dad’s car in the Gran Turismo Playstation game. Luff also lets in on the corner speed through Sydney Motor Sport Park’s Turn 1; let’s just say it’s pretty damn quick!

We’re still yet to see onboard footage of the winning lap, which is a very tidy 3.8 seconds faster than the 2011 WTAC winner. We’re guessing that’s being saved for the YouTube channel of the event’s sponsor and will update you when it comes to hand.