A different kind of Batmobile

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Batman themed Pagani Zonda

If you owned a Pagani Zonda F, would you pay someone to paint Batman on the bonnet for you? Probably not, is our guess. But now that you’ve seen it (there’s also a video below), what do you think?

Let’s face it, if you’re cruising the streets in a Zonda you’re going to stand out from the crowd, so why not go the extra mile. After all it’s only a bit of paint.

The owner is a bloke by the name of Jorge Gomez from Argentina and it turns out it’s not the first time he’s indulged in a bit of bonnet art, with a couple of Porsche 911s also coming in for some attention.

We reckon Gomez should do it properly and get himself a Sandman.

[Source: Marchettino | Pic: Flickr]