Production Bentley Continental GT3 planned

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Bentley Continental GT3 concept

Word from the Paris Motor Show suggests Bentley has plans to adapt their Continental GT3 racecar into a road-going production model, Car magazine reports.

It’s believed up to 300 models could be built with the engine to be either a 6.0 litre W12 engine or 4.0 litre twin-turbo V8, with the magic number expected to be around 700hp.

In race trim the Continental GT3 will use a mandated rear-wheel drive configuration, but all-wheel drive will likely be reinstated as per usual production-spec for current Continental GT models.

The GT3 for the road will be stripped of some regular Continental GT luxuries, but don’t expect this to be an interior with race seats and six-point harness and not much else. It’s highly unlikely to feature a factory fitted roll cage, for example.

We reckon a road-going Bentley Continental GT3 will be one of the world’s best GT cruisers. Probably not befitting of true GT3 status, as per the stablemate from Porsche, but still a damn fine car.

[Source: Car]