Subaru developing BRZ Turbo

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Subaru BRZ

Word on the street says Subaru is developing a high-powered turbo BRZ. Good news for all those Toybaru fans out there wanting moar powaaaah!

According to Automotive News, Subaru’s 2.0 litre boxer engine will be good for 280hp (208kW) after having its twin scroll blow dryer bolted on. Torque should go from a miserly 200Nm to beyond 330Nm. Now we’re talking!

It’s expected Subaru will ditch the DI/port-injection developed by Toyota in favour of their own in-house direct injection.

The report states the BRZ Turbo could arrive as a 2014 model, which given the US market’s propensity to make everything seem a year earlier than reality, could even mean we’ll be seeing the Toybaru that everyone has always wanted as soon as next year.

Bring it on!

[Source: Automotive News]