Jaguar axes futuristic C-X75 e-hypercar

Jaguar C-X75

Jaguar has confirmed the unhappy news that it has cancelled its C-X75 project. The announcement comes only 18 months after the decision to build the hybrid supercar was made.

Adrian Hallmark, Jaguar’s global brand director, shared the news with journalists on Monday night. The decision “broke his heart,” Hallmark said.

The C-X75 was first shown at the 2010 Paris Motor Show and predictions of a seven-figure purchase price and tough economic times have helped to seal the supercat’s fate.

A total of five working prototypes were made by Jag. All powered by a 500hp twincharged 1.6 litre four cylinder and mated to 23kg of electric motors. Despite the light weight of the e-motors they can generate 400Nm.

Jaguar claims the C-X75 prototypes boast Veyron-beating capabilities, able to reach 100km/h in a measly 2.8 seconds, while emitting fewer smelly emissions than a Toyota Prius.

There is some good news, though. The five test mules will continue their development so that they reach full working capacity. At this stage Jag plans to keep three for its archives, so to speak, while the other two very exclusive models will be flogged off at auction.

Can we start the bidding at £2 million please. Do I have £2 million anywhere?

[Source: EVO]