VIDEO: Do it the GTI way

Volkswagen Golf VII GTI

To help promote the release of the Golf VII GTI at the Geneva Motor Show Volkswagen has released this Frank Sinatra inspired video. The clip closes with the line, “Often copied. Never equalled.” Volkswagen knows the GTI has big boots to fill, we can’t wait to find out how they’ve gone honouring the GTI legend.

[Thanks to Paul for the tip]

8 replies on “VIDEO: Do it the GTI way”

Still the favorite all rounder, size wise its looking a bit porky for those maneuvers.

Liking it more and more, particularly amongst all the cries of “it looks too much like the old one” or “it’s boring”.

I reckon any good GTI (and the Golf in general) should follow a pretty basic formula: Sharp and subtle with a few nice details. The red lighting through the door is a neat touch.

Re: the ad itself, is the “Often copied, never equalled”, while zipping past knock offs from around the world down the Vegas strip deliberate, or just an unfortunate cock-up trying to tie it all back to Sinatra?

Great little car and I will definitely get the carbon edition when/if it comes out in a few years time.

The huge number of DSG’s is only really in Aus, i think that the manual is still popular everwhere else in the world but aussie drivers are lazy it seems 🙁

I want to hate this car just because of how popular it is, but I must say it really does tick all the boxes (despite the rather bland interior).

Sadly it will arrive too late for us, so the (slightly faster) but less practical 125i it will be for us. So many good options in the warm/hot hatch sector at the moment.

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