All-new Range Rover Sport accidentally revealed

2013 Range Rover Sport

Range Rover will be launching its all-new Sport model at the New York Auto Show on 26 March. They’ve gone to some lengths to promote the reveal, setting up a dedicated website and asking twitterists to use the #NewRangeRoverSport hashtag.

So how do you reckon the top brass at Range Rover are feeling now that a member from the Tint Dude forum called the art of tint has snapped a photo of himself with the new car and posted it online for all the world to see?

The story goes our learned friend in the photo above was given the car to tint its windows in full knowledge it was going to the New York Auto Show. Now, sometimes, car companies, we think, deliberately leak information prior to official reveals in order to generate more discussion. This, though, looks like a total cock up and we suspect the art of tint may have done his last ever job for a major car manufacturer.

Anyway, the new Rangie Sport looks okay don’t you reckon?

Range Rover says this will be their fastest model ever. John Edwards, Land Rover Global Brand Director, backs up that claim with these words: “The all-new Range Rover Sport takes the model to another level. It is Land Rover’s most dynamic vehicle yet and showcases the best of British design, engineering and technological innovation.”

[Source: PistonHeads]

2013 Range Rover Sport

2013 Range Rover Sport