Bentley v Audi

Chris Harris on Cars, Bentley v Audi

For his weekly installment Chris Harris takes a look at the Bentley Continental GT Speed. Fair enough, too, it’s got over 600 horsepower and 800Nm of torque on tap from its 6.0 litre W12 engine. But at 2300kg the Speed represents a bit of a quandary. Does all that power go to waste?

Extending the reach of his investigations Harris brings the Audi S4 Avant into the equation. Aside from a steering wheel and four tyres there’s not a lot else in common between these two. On the figures mentioned in the clip the Bentley is £180,000 and the S4 a comparatively paltry £40,000. And yet there are, according to Harris, some very similar traits between the two cars. The overarching link, of course, being the shared ownership of the two manufacturers by Volkswagen.

So, as Harris puts it in his YouTube intro: “Not a natural pairing, but a quick drive in both got me thinking about how VW manages its various brands in terms of character and driving behaviour. All very grown up, I know—but we can’t skid the shizzle out of stuff every week.”

It’s this slightly left of centre style of review that Harris does well at, so if you’re into your cars you should enjoy the thinking behind this comparison.