VIDEO: McLaren P1 on the Top Gear track

McLaren P1

Sergio Perez has been parachuted into to full promo mode since his arrival at McLaren. First he was on hand in Geneva to help launch the P1 and now he’s the star in an unreasonably priced car driving around the Top Gear test track in Dunsfold, Surrey.

During the launch of the P1 in Geneva Ron Dennis claimed he lapped the Top Gear track 10 seconds faster than the lap record, which currently stands at 1:13.8 in the Pagani Huayra. If true, that means old Ron lapped in the 1:03s and you’d reckon one of his F1 mates could knock a few more seconds off that.

Remember many years ago when The Stig drove a Renault F1 car around the track? He did it in 59 seconds. So, on Ron’s figures, the P1 is within touching distance of a 2004-spec F1 car. Really?

Anyway, back to the video with Checo in the P1, sadly there’s no timing revealed, just some nice footage of the car in action with the appropriate script detailing all the good things about McLaren’s latest hypercar.

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