More info on the Australian-spec Mercedes A45 AMG

Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG

Last week Mercedes-Benz confirmed Australian pricing for the hi-po A45 AMG. Since then our inbox has received some extra info from the ubiquitous anonymous source. Much of it is already known but there’s some stuff that’s good to see in writing and some stuff that you may not have read as yet.

First, get your hands on this two page PDF (400kb) which lists the basic specs signed off for the local market.

Consider the A45 AMG offers 265kW/450Nm and can hit 100km/h in the mid four second range. So how cool is this:

Note, with a fuel usage classification of 6.9L/100km, the base A 45 AMG will not attract LCT. The current LCT limit for fuel efficient vehicles is $75,375, meaning an optioned A 45 AMG will attract LCT hence all option MRLPs are inclusive of LCT.

The world’s most powerful production four cylinder engine, hand built no less, has a fuel consumption figure allowing it to sneak under the luxury car tax threshold. Thank you Germany!

We’ve already listed the standard equipment Australian-delivered A45 AMGs will boast, and it is quite extensive for a Euro manufacturer, which just leaves, for now, three main optional extras:

  • 19″ AMG Multi-spoke alloys in black – $490 (MRLP)
  • AMG Aerodynamics Package – $1990 (MRLP)
  • AMG Performance Suspension – $1990 (MRLP)

If you wanted to get your hands on the Edition 1 version, alas, our little birdy says it won’t be coming to Australia.

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