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Vettel urged to apologise to Formula 1

2013 Malaysian Grand Prix

Yes, we’re still talking about that controversial win by Sebastian Vettel at last month’s Malaysian Grand Prix. Five-time grand prix winner John Watson has urged Vettel to apologise to Formula 1 and from what we can tell he’s not joking.

Now a media pundit Watson said, “The way he acted was dishonest.” Before upping the ante by adding, “He should apologise to the fans of F1 and to the sport.”


Watson carried on, he was on quite a roll, “[Vettel] has not yet explained why he did not obey the team, apart from making some mealy-mouthed excuse at the time.

“Sebastian had come across as a well-adjusted young man who was also a three time World Champion. But we have had a glimpse of what he is truly capable of and a lot of people will not like the 2013 version.

“If you agree to a plan that after the last pit-stops then the drivers should hold station, then you should stick to that. He gave his word and then did what he wanted which is very poor really.

“And what he did beforehand when he just told the team to tell Mark to get out of the way because he was slower was even worse.

“He should really have paid a penalty for what he did, but there was a snowball’s chance in hell of that happening.”

Speaking freely, Watson says Vettel’s actions are the fault of Red Bull Racing who has allowed the triple world champion’s stature to grow unchecked.

“But if you create the monster then lose control of him, you are going to pay the price. What happened in Malaysia showed that Helmut Marko and Vettel wield the power in the team.

“Christian Horner has done a good job as Team Principal but at the end of the day he could not control his driver.

“Mark knows his status in the team, but then he has known that for a while. But is is hard to see him trusting Sebastian anymore.”

So there you have it. Thankfully there’s another race this weekend and we can hopefully move on.

[Source: The Sun | Pic: Red Bull/Getty Images]

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Exactly why Mark needs to drive the wheels off his car this year and forget being Mr Nice Guy. I really hope Webber has more than one opportunity to squeeze Vettel off the track this year.

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