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Wörthersee 2013: Volkswagen Amarok R-Style

Volkswagen Amarok R-Style Concept

We expect Volkswagen to jazz up a Golf GTI for Wörthersee, but it’s not everyday they go to town on the Amarok pick-up. But that’s exactly what they’ve done with the Amarok R-Style Concept. It’s had the works thrown at it, including having a 200kW/600Nm 3.0 litre V6 TDI stuffed under the bonnet.

Massive 22″ rims wrapped in 295/35/22 tyres complements those aggressive guards, which have been pumped out by 60mm. The front spoiler has been finished off with a carbon fibre diffuser, which ties in with the cover for the cargo area.

The carbon fibre theme continues inside too, where you’ll also find an 8″ touchscreen and 500w subwoofer in the GTI-inspired interior.

In truth the concept illustrations available after the break look better than the real image you see above. All in all though this would make an awesome workhorse for all those odd jobs you don’t really need to do.

[Source: WCF | Thanks to Tom for the tip]

Volkswagen Amarok R-Style Concept

Volkswagen Amarok R-Style Concept

Volkswagen Amarok R-Style Concept

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I’d wish they’d hurry up and put the V6 in it and become class leader across the board. An R version would be pretty sweet, this is way too boy racer for my mellowing tastes.

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