HSV releases Gen-F range

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You’re looking at the best Australian muscle car money can buy. It’s the new 430kW/740Nm Gen-F GTS. Does it make you want to look the other way too? Well, it may be best if you don’t, because the rear view isn’t any better.

As a teenager in the late 1980s living in country NSW I really did just want one. An HSV, that is. Badly. Back then they looked good even though they were, in real terms, pretty underpowered. Of late, HSVs have been, arguably, overpowered and over designed.

It’s true, styling is subjective, and what I find distasteful some will find irresistible. No more so will that be the case with the Gen-F range. To be fair the looks are a step forward on the terribly styled E Series models. But this new range does nothing for me. The buzz for HSV has long gone.

I want to like and admire HSVs, I really do, but they make it hard when they pump out over styled dross that really should never get past the concept stage.

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