VIDEO: Why don’t people buy more Caterhams?

Chris Harris loves Caterhams

In his latest video Chris Harris keeps it real, driving two British sportscars. One we yearn for ourselves, the other, well not so much.

First, Harris drives the Morgan 3 Wheeler. Good for him. We just can’t warm to it. It’s just a bit daft and we’ve heard better sounding sewing machines than that V-twin engine. It’s just one step too far down the oddball scale for us. You may disagree, and we wouldn’t begrudge you at all.

But a Caterham on the other hand. Now, that we like. True, there’s never been a Caterham or Lotus 7 with a decent looking backside. But who cares! The front is raw and purposeful, which matches the driving experience.

Harris describes the Caterham best when he says: “This is absolutely pure!”

Why don’t we see more Caterhams on the roads?