McLaren-Honda deal could extend to road cars

McLaren P1 prototype

The recently announced McLaren-Honda Formula 1 partnership could extend to road cars Martin Whitmarsh says.

“It’s a pure Formula 1 contract, but we’ve already been looking at automotive technology and we’re sharing that very openly,” said McLaren’s Team Principal at the Hungarian Grand Prix. “Our road car strategy at the moment has no other automotive partner and 
Honda would be a good place 
to collaborate.”

If any such deal was to transpire the shared benefits between the two car companies would not be seen for some time. “If you look at our product range, 12C is running and will run for a few more years,” added Whitmarsh. “P1 has just been launched and P13, which is the follow-up car, is relatively developed, so actually it is something that you would see in quite a few years to come.”

[Source: Autocar]