Would you buy a hot hatch made by Jaguar?

A possible Jaguar hot hatch?

Take a look at this thing will you. Doesn’t it look awesome!

We must stress that it’s only a rendering made by Autocar, it’s not based on any real model just yet. The sketch was created to support a story suggesting that Jaguar Land Rover may entertain the idea of making a front-wheel drive hatchback in a bid to help lower the CO2 emissions of its fleet.

If Jaguar ever made a hatchback you can be sure there’d be a cooking version in the works before too long. The hyper hot hatch market has gone gang busters of late with the 265kW Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG currently sitting atop the peak power tables.

So, if Jaguar made a hot hatch and it looked like the image above, and let’s assume it gave you 250kW+ to play with, would you buy it?

[Source: Autocar]

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