A better look inside the new MINI

MINI F56 interior

This is probably the best look inside the new MINI you’re going to get until official pics are released. It’s over a year since we got our first peek inside the F56.

Unsurprisingly these photos show a more complete interior, and we can see already that buyers will need to order the Visual Boost package or satellite navigation in order to get the full size screen in the centre of the dash where the speedometer should be. If not the result is U-G-L-Y! Although the ham-fisted radio set up does complement the clichéd and poorly executed carbon fibre patter on the dash inserts.

There are still expected MINI styling cues, there’s no mistaking it for anything else. Yet, the gap between what you expect to see in MINI and a BMW is beginning to close. Fair enough, given the F56 will draw heavily on components to be used in the front-wheel drive BMW 1 Series. And they will both be built on the UKL1 platform.

It won’t be the last time we say this, but after doing such an excellent job of introducing the MINI brand to the 21st century we have grave fears BMW is about to cock it all up.

[Source: CarNewsChina]

MINI F56 interior

MINI F56 interior

MINI F56 interior

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(sigh) looks like the quality has taken a hit too. Those plastics look a little ‘Korean’ to me.

Wouldn’t it be cheaper to put screens in all of them (a-la-VW) and add Nav to those that spec them…urgh..

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