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Mazda MX-5 crash at Croft

More often than not track days are fun. If you like them the next step is amateur level club racing. That can be fun too. You get out on track, with like minded souls wanting to push themselves and their cars to the limits.

Sadly, sometimes some club racers confuse ambition for talent. Sometimes they confuse fun for win at all costs. And sometimes that ends up in arsehole moves like you can see in this video.

Thankfully, the affected driver walked away unharmed from this totally unavoidable incident which took place recently at Croft in the UK. Just make sure you watch the video again, and pay special attention to the head movements of the red baron.

This happened on lap three of a schedule which consisted of two 30 minute races. We’re only seeing one side of the story here, of course, but it’s pretty hard to mount a defence for the dickhead in the red MX-5.

Unfortunately the camera car ended up as a total write off. If you feel strongly enough about the plight of our unsuspecting victim, follow this link and lend a hand.

[Thanks to Pete for the tip]

Mazda MX-5 crash at Croft