If you want more bling, just buy it!

Ridiculous Lamborghini Aventador 1:8 model carved from solid gold

If you want more bling, just buy it
When you need more bling, you buy it
You won’t hide it
You won’t throw your gold away, ooh

Apologies for the cheap trick there (geddit). Anyway, yes, if you’re looking for a fantastic way to blow a heap of cash you didn’t even know you had here it is! A Lamborghini Aventador carved from a 500kg block of solid gold. Yeah, we know, we’ve been hanging out for one of these for ages.

The model itself hasn’t actually been made yet. Oh no, the manufacturer, RGE Robert Gulpen Engineering, is cooling its heels until the right to have the model made as been sold to the highest bidder. That way you can tackify it even more with your newly (re)confirmed status as a tasteless moron.

It’s planned to go up for auction soon and you’d need not open your mouth unless your first words are, “I’ll start the bidding at $US7.5 million thanks!”

Great, it’s predicted to cost around ten times more than the cost of the real car and it’s only 1:8 scale. Seriously, here’s a great example of just how stuffed this planet is sometimes!

[Source: cnbc.com]