BMW M235i coming your way today

BMW M235i

A series of leaked images showing a production-spec BMW M235i have been leaked via the 2addicts forum. The car’s full reveal is scheduled to take place this Friday.

Based on the generally awesome, albeit unfortunate looking, M135i the F22 coupé version, we’re sure you’ll agree, looks a whole lot better. We can’t wait to see the official images later this week.

[Source: 2addicts]

BMW M235i

11 replies on “BMW M235i coming your way today”

Looks great! Can’t wait. Hopefully the A45 & S3’s aggressive pricing will make the M235 affordable.

Pricing sure to be disappointing alongside A45 and S3….BMW isn’t reading the market like Merc and Audi have been…

@ Phil, yeah there will be.

@Tiaan, What prices have you seen? I didn’t think it ‘s been offical yet.

And as we saw when the A45 came out the prices all around the market area dropped to be competitive. So I’m sure they wont be silly about it.

@Scott – I haven’t seen any pricing yet, but BMW was vocal about Mercedes being ‘too aggressive’ in the market. I hadn’t visited a merc dealer in some time and then earlier this year I went with a buddy and realised that they are now better value than BMW.


The S3 has come down in price considerably as well.


I’m guessing line ball with the A45 for pricing + BMW price gauging for metallic paint! roof etc etc. The M2 will be here… Eventually but will be at least as much as the 1M was, $115k drive away. Just guessing at this point of course, and I hope I am way off the mark!

Nice. But I’m hoping the 1 series facelift next year takes some front end styling cues from the 2 series as I need the 5 door M135i

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