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Review of F1 documentary ‘1’

1 the film, coming soon

The frustratingly titled ‘1’, a new Formula 1 documentary, has been available on iTunes since the start of the month. Alas, it won’t be available from the Australian iTunes store until some time in November. To whet your appetite of what promises to be compulsory viewing here’s a snippet from a review published by Michael Fassbender online:

The interviews and new footage is what makes “1” the most gripping and emotional documentary of its ilk, talks with James Hunt’s son Freddie, shows the friendship between Hunt and Lauda, rather than the rivalry that they shared, with Freddie repeating part of the conversation he had with Lauda when they met, “I wished I could have shared the championship with your father, he was a great man, he was my friend.”

“1” is a must see film, and not just for fans of Formula One. This films brings the humanity into the sport, focusing on the people and events in the biggest championships each year through the decades. Footage of crashes, collisions, qualifying laps, race starts and celebrations, all shown from different angles that have been obtained specifically for this documentary, including clips filmed as part of the Racer’s wives and girlfriends club “The Dog House Club”, make this film a chilling and heart-breaking viewing experience.

[Source: Michael Fassbender online]

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I’m sure it will be available from ‘other’ sources, but that title is about as easy to search for as band names like “yes” and “the the”.

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