2014 Subaru WRX images leaked

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2014 Subaru WRX leaked image

Subaru revealed an official teaser image of its all-new WRX overnight (after the break), which means, of course, leaked images soon followed. It’s the leaked image you see above which, at first glance, is something of a let down after hopes soared high on the back of the 2013 WRX Concept.

Although, these unofficial pics (there’s another one below) do seem accurate to the WRX test mules we’ve been seeing in recent times. The WRX prototypes have never seen to be a good match to the sleeker lines shown in the concept model.

The new WRX will be revealed in full at the 2013 LA Auto Show at 5:30am (AEDST) on Thursday 21 November.

2014 Subaru WRX leaked image


2014 Subaru WRX leaked image

WRX is LA Star

November 12 2013

Subaru’s fourth generation WRX will make its world premiere next week at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

One of the most anticipated new cars of the year, WRX will be unveiled early on the morning of Thursday 21 November, Australian Eastern Summer Time (0530).

The North American specification WRX will star alongside a new Subaru concept car, which will make its world premiere at the show.

Subaru in Japan has launched a special website in the lead up to the WRX unveil: www.subaru-global.com/2013la.html

The site will feature information updates relating to the Los Angeles Auto Show, including Subaru’s press conference.

WRX is an automotive icon that established a whole new category of turbocharged All-Wheel Drive performance vehicles, when it launched in Japan in 1992.

It went on to remarkable rallying success on both the Australian and world stages, cementing its reputation for fun, durability and great engineering.