Bugatti buyers too thick for Galibier saloon

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Bugatti Galibier Concept

Bugatti president Dr Wolfgang Schreiber has revealed there are no longer plans to turn the 2009 Galibier concept into a production model. Further, there will be no four-door Bugatti at all. Buyers at the extreme top end of the market are too thick, apparently.

“We have talked many, many times about the Galibier, but this car will not come because … it would confuse our customers,” Schreiber told Top Gear. “Everyone knows that Bugatti is the ultimate super sportscar. It’s easier for current owners, and others who are interested, to understand if we do something similar to the Veyron [next]. And that is what we will do. There will not be a four-door Bugatti.”

That’s an extraordinary assertion, we think, for Schreiber to make. Really, he expects us to believe buyers would be confused if the luxury carmaker produced a sportscar and a super saloon? Wow!

In addition to the death of the Galibier concept, the seemingly endless supply of new special edition Veyrons is also over.

“We will not produce a ‘SuperVeyron’ or Veyron Plus, definitely,” Schreiber said, who was formerly Bugatti’s Technical Director. “There will be no more power. 1200PS is enough for the chapter of Veyron and its derivatives.”

If you’re bemoaning your fate because you thought your chance to buy a new Veyron was over, fear not. There’s still 43 empty spaces on the Veyron’s order book. It’ll have to be a roadster and you’ll have to get your order in before the end of 2015. Don’t be the one who misses out!

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