Autocar has a go in the McLaren P1

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McLaren P1 in hot weather testing

Steve Sutcliffe from Autocar has just filed his review of the fearsome McLaren P1. It’s fair to say he was impressed by the experience, albeit with an underwhelming start as these selected paragraphs show:

On the road, the first impressions are of a car that feels remarkably like a McLaren 12C. Which is either a good thing if you’ve never driven a 12C before or, initially, a mild anti-climax if you have.


The P1 is not ultimately a car to be driven slowly, however, even if its electric power source does provide it with a hit of throttle response that a straight turbocharged car couldn’t hope to replicate. Instead it’s about going fast – really, really fast – and this something it can do with varying degrees of madness depending which mode you choose to drive it in. Which probably sounds a little bit digital but which is, in practice, anything but.


And, best (or worst) of all depending on how brave you’re feeling, it will also allow big hits of opposite lock before the ESP or TC systems intervene. You feel a lot more on your own in the P1 than you do in, say, a Porsche 918 on a track. More than any other characterstic, perhaps, this is what separates their personalities.

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UPDATE: A teaser video has been added below, the full clip later this week apparently. Chris Harris promises his review isn’t too far away either. Happy days!

[Source: Autocar]