Your chance to buy “Ex-Ayrton Senna” Honda NSX

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Ayrton Senna's 1992 Honda NSX

That’s not any old Honda NSX, that’s Ayrton Senna’s old NSX. Well, that’s the story at least. If you’re keen you can buy it for yourself too. The 1992 model will be up for grabs late next month at the Silverstone Auctions and is expected to fetch as much as ¬£85,000 (approx AU$160,000).

Actually, on closer inspection of the auction listing it turns out that Senna used the car on a regular basis, it was owned by a close friend, but it wasn’t legally his own car:

Antonio Carlos de Almeida Braga was a close personal friend, manager and mentor of Ayrton Senna who purchased this NSX for the great driver to use when he visited his house in Sintra, Portugal north of Lisbon. Senna already had another red NSX that was kept at his villa in the Algarve. Antonia Braga ordered the same specification car that Ayrton had at his home in Brazil. Senna stayed with the Braga’s on numerous occasions and would have been a guest when competing in the Portuguese Grand Prix in 1992/3 at nearby Estoril, endorsing his Honda contract by commuting in the NSX.

Still, that’s good enough, isn’t it? We wonder where the other two NSXs used by Senna are now?

[Source: Silverstone Auctions]