Kangaroo cull proposed for Mount Panorama

Bathurst 12 Hour

Bathurst Councillor Warren Aubin is calling for a kangaroo cull at Mount Panorama following an incident in the 12 hour race which ended the race of Roger Lago’s Lamborghini Gallardo.

“We have to do something to rid the place of the kangaroos—no ifs or buts about it,” Cr Aubin told the Western Advocate.

Cr Aubin says he will raise the issue at the next committee meeting on 5 March. One gets the feeling Aubin won’t be too interested in listening to alternate options.

“If we don’t [have the cull] and there continues to be accidents involving the ’roos during big events, we face the prospect of losing something which is one of the region’s major sources of income and biggest sporting attractions,” Aubin said.

“We’re talking about an event like the Great Race that brings more than $70 million into the local economy each year.

“Council has spent a small fortune on the ’roo fencing to please the greenies and it’s just not working. It’s time to look at other measures and if that means culling, so be it.

“We are elected to council to make tough decisions and this is one of those. No matter what call you make, you can’t please all of the people all of the time.”

Nearby resident Warren Taylor supports Cr Aubin’s proposal. “My backyard’s full of the bastards and I’ve had enough,” he said.

“My grandkids are too frightened to go down there to see the horses because of the kangaroos. Some of the bucks are huge and they don’t budge an inch. They look at you with complete contempt.”

A quick read of the comments section at the end of the Western Advocate article (link below) shows Cr Aubin does not enjoy unanimous public support.

[Source: Western Advocate]