Reports say “miracle” needed for Schumacher

Michael Schumacher

Several media outlets are reporting that doctors treating Michael Schumacher have told his family “only a miracle” can save him. Although respected former F1 doctor Gary Hartstein rejects claims doctors would use such a term.

In his blog Hartstein states: “Doctors, no matter their spiritual bent, do NOT talk to patient’s families about miracles saving anyone. Ever. From a practical viewpoint, this gives a patient’s family absolutely NO useful information on which to act.”

Officially, Schumcher’s publicist Sabine Kehm released a statement on Friday which read in part: “Michael is still in a wake up phase, the situation has not altered.”

Alas, that line of response from Kehm for too long now, perhaps that’s as much a tactic to try and get the media to give Schumacher’s family some space as it keeping his fans up to date. However, hopes for Michael achieving a full recovery after his skiing accident on 29 December 2013 must surely be very faint now.

Hartstein concluded his thoughts by saying: “And again, despite a day during which we’ve been told Michael is breathing on his own AND that it would take a miracle to save him, we know nothing more than we knew yesterday or the day before.”

[Source: SMH & Former F1 doc | Pic: Mercedes AMG]