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2014 Formula 1 app looks the goods

2014 Formula 1 app

The official Formula 1 website is pushing the official Formula 1 app for iOS (Android version coming soon). It’s available as a free download, which includes live lap times for individual drivers, lap numbers, sector classifications as well as news items and text-based commentary.

If you’re willing to pay the AU$11.49 price for the premium version of the app you’ll be rewarded with the ability to customise timing screens; monitor in-corner analysis to compare throttle positions, braking points and speeds; tune into team radio broadcasts exclusive to the app; watch DRS monitoring; read live updates from Race Control; check each driver’s tyre history and more, plus it can be all rounded out with live audio commentary.

Sounds pretty good. As an added bonus the app is much cheaper than previous years. And it’s not very often you say that about F1.


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Agreed, the new app does look pretty good!

The real test will be on the weekend when we see what the live performance is like – I recall the original app had a few teething problems on race day (and it was triple the price!).

I’m sure they gave the app a good workout during round zero of the season (Bahrain testing) but unfortunately there’s only one way to test the server load of a real race.

I don’t know if I’ll bother using it during Ten’s coverage, live timing with delayed TV will suck just a little.

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